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your hub for all Gilmore referenced content


  • all listed titles are concretely mentioned unless otherwise distinguished

  • all references to an author, book, or adaptation are noted with a ⓡ

  • any book or movie that is physically held or watched on screen has an *

Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days (3.1)

Unidentified Text, Lorelai's nightstand*

Unidentified Texts, Rory's nightstand*

Unidentified Texts, Rory's box of books*

A Bolt From the Blue and Other Essays by Mary McCarthy (Rory's couch reading)*

Pomeranian: An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet by Happeth A. Jones* (coffee table)

Authors Generally Referenced:

Oscar Wilde


Movies and Television:

Arthur ⓡ

Politically Incorrect

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me ⓡ

All in the Family ⓡ

Reversal of Fortune ⓡ

Nell ⓡ

Life of Brian ⓡ

The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells ⓡ

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ⓡ


Peanuts Comic ⓡ

The Zagat Survey

Wonder Woman Comic ⓡ

Haunted Leg (3.2)

A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole*

Unidentified Texts, Rory's Bookshelf*

500 Library Books on the French Revolution (Paris' mention)

3 Library Books on the Crusades (Paris' mention)

CliffsNotes (Paris' mention)

Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Robert Southey ⓡ

Authors Generally Referenced:

William Shakespeare

Noam Chomsky


Movies and Television:

Mickey Mouse ⓡ

Ben ⓡ

The Legend of Bagger Vance

The Godfather ⓡ

VH1 Channel

Before They Were Stars

Freaky Friday

The Lone Ranger ⓡ

Shane ⓡ

The Andy Hardy Film Series ⓡ


The Hartford Courant (coffee table)*

Unidentified Text, Magazine (coffee table)*

Reader's Digest Magazine

Application Anxiety (3.3)

Dead Souls by Nikolai Vasilevich Gogol

Unidentified Texts, College Issues of Various Magazines (Emily presents to Lorelai)*

Unidentified Texts, Richard's Leather Bound Book Collection*

Unidentified Texts, Paris' Bookshelf*

Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Henry IV, Part 1 by William Shakespeare

Henry IV, Part 2 by William Shakespeare

Henry V by William Shakespeare

The Merry Wives of Windsor by William Shakespeare

The Manticore by Robertson Davies

The Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling ⓡ

Authors Generally Referenced:

William Faulkner

Sylvia Plath

Dr. Seuss

Leo Tolstoy

Ivan Turgenev

Nikolai Vasilevich Gogol

William Shakespeare

Robertson Davies

Movies and Television: 

Holmes & Yoyo

Hee Haw Honeys

The Brady Bunch Variety Hour

The Karate Kid ⓡ

Johnny Bravo

SpongeBob SquarePants

The Waltons ⓡ


Charlie Rose

West Side Story ⓡ

Dogtown and Z-Boys ⓡ

Fiddler on the Roof ⓡ

Sid and Nancy ⓡ

The Courtship of Eddie's Father

Family Matters ⓡ

Malcolm in the Middle



TV Guide

Unidentified Text, Newspaper on Kitchen Table*

Entertainment Weekly, August 23, 2002*

One's Got Class and the Other One Dyes (3.4)

We Owe You Nothing - Punk Planet: The Collected Interviews by Daniel Sinkler*

Unidentified Text, Jess' Chemistry textbook*

Unidentified Texts, Luke's bookshelf*

Unidentified Texts, Jess' bookshelf*

Movies and Television:

Loony Tunes ⓡ

The Johnny Yune Show ⓡ

Rags to Riches ⓡ

Larry King Live ⓡ

The Sound of Music ⓡ

​Hello, Dolly! ⓡ

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective ⓡ

The Wizard of Oz ⓡ

Song of the South ⓡ

High Noon ⓡ

Leave it to Beaver ⓡ


Unidentified Magazine (Lorelai at the kitchen table)*

Unidentified Magazine (Shane's reading material)*

Maxim Magazine

The New York Times

Eight O'Clock at the Oasis (3.5)

Norton Critical Edition, general ⓡ

Unidentified Text, The Independence Inn's fictional travel magazine (roast chicken on the cover)

The Holy Bible ⓡ

Letters of Ayn Rand (ed. Michael S. Berliner)*

Visions of Cody by Jack Kerouac (Jess' book)*

Movies and Television:

I Love Lucy ⓡ

HBO Channel

Oz ⓡ

The Wizard of Oz ⓡ

Psycho ⓡ

SNL: Two Wild & Crazy Guys ⓡ

Cardio Salsa (VHS)*

Erin Brockovich ⓡ

Marathon Man

Blue Crush

Take the Deviled Eggs... (3.6)

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee ⓡ

Unidentified Text, Rory's textbook*

Deenie by Judy Blume

The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Woolf ⓡ

Movies and Television:

The Patty Duke Show ⓡ

The Andy Griffeth Show ⓡ

For Keeps

Quincy, M.E. ⓡ

The 67th Academy Awards ⓡ

Annie Hall


Unidentified Texts, every magazine delivery for the past 3 months*

Motor Trends Magazine

MAD Magazine ⓡ

TV Guide

Johnny Raygun Comics ⓡ

They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They? (3.7)

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens ⓡ

Unidentified Text, Glencoe red English book*

Unidentified Text, Science book*

Unidentified Texts, Paris' 2 other school books*

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand ⓡ

The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann (Jess' book)*

Authors Generally Referenced:

Tennesee Williams

Movies and Television:

They Shoot Horses, Don't They? ⓡ

Fast Times at Ridgemont High ⓡ

Boxing Helena

Saturday Night Fever ⓡ

The Brady Bunch ⓡ

Rocky ⓡ

Blue Velvet


The Franklin 75th Anniversary Issue, fictional Chilton newspaper

Let the Games Begin (3.8)

Authors Generally Referenced:

Charles Dickens


Movies and Television:

Love Story

CHECK Romeo and Juliet, The Sound and The Fury, The Wizard of Oz

A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving (3.9)

How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss ⓡ

The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo ⓡ

The Holy Bible

Movies and Television:

West Side Story

Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Grey Gardens

The Banger Sisters

That'll Do Pig (3.10)

Archidamian War by Donald Kagan CHECK

Babe by Dick King ⓡ

The Art of War by Sun Tzu

The Fall of the Athenian Empire by Donald Kagan CHECK

The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo CHECK

The Outbreak of the Peloponnesian War by Donald Kagan CHECK ACTUAL BOOK

The Peace of Nicias and the Sicilian Expedition by Donald Kagan CHECK


Movies and Television:

Stuart Little


Rain Man



Annie Hall

I Solemnly Swear (3.11)

Eloise by Kay Thompson ⓡ

Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare ⓡ

Mutiny on the Bounty by Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall CHECK

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald ⓡ

The Diary of Virginia Woolf, Volume 4: 1931-1935 (ed. Anne Oliver Bell)*


Authors Generally Referenced:

Joan Didion

Movies and Television:


The Godfather


All the President's Men

Lorelai Out of Water (3.12)

Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Unidentified Texts, Various Recreational Fiction Books* check format here

Secrets of the Flesh: A Life of Colette by Judith Thurman, paperback (Rory's bus stop book)*

Movies and Television:

Thelma & Louise

Doctor Dolittle

Dear Richard and Emily (3.13)

The Divine Comedy, Vol. 1: Inferno by Dante*

Moby Dick by Herman Melville 

Hidden Romantic Gems of the Restaurant World (fictional text)*

Myra Waldo's Travel and Motoring Guide to Europe (ed. 1978) by Myra Waldo*

Egon Ronay’s Cellnet Guide to Hotels, Restaurants and Inns in Great Britain and Ireland (ed. 1986)* check title and author

Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting by in America by Barbara Ehrenreich*

Fodor's Selected Hotels of Europe* check title and author

Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door: The Travel Skills Handbook for Independent Travelers (ed. 2003) by Rick Steves*

The Rough Guide to Europe (ed. 2003)*

Movies and Television:

Urban Cowboy

Singin' in the Rain

Saturday Night Fever

My Fair Lady


Funny Girl



Easter Parade

An American in Paris

Swan Song (3.14)

Encyclopedia Brown: Boy Detective by Donald J. Sobol CHECK edition ⓡ

Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

The Holy Barbarians by Lawrence Lipton*

Walking Tours of New York* by? check to see fictional


Movies and Television:

Sunset Boulevard

Show Boat

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

The Lord of the Rings Series

Lord Jim

Guys and Dolls

Gone With the Wind


Easter Parade

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Bambi ⓡ

Face-Off (3.15)

Othello by William Shakespeare ⓡ

Hockey for Dummies by John Davidson*

Unidentified Text (Rory's couch book)*


Authors Generally Referenced:

Susan Faludi


Mark Twain

Movies and Television:

Love in the Afternoon


Full Metal Jacket

The Big One (3.16)

I'm with the Band: Confessions of a Groupie by Pamela Des Barres*

The Brontës by Juliet Barker (first edition)*

Movies and Television:


Tales of Poe and Fire (3.17)

"The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe

Movies and Television:

A Streetcar Named Desire

The Wizard of Oz


Batman Comic*


Guinness World Records 2002 (ed. Antonia Cunningham)*

Movies and Television:

Mary Poppins

Saturday Night Fever

Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory



Movies and Television:


Say Goodnight, Gracie (3.20)

Unidentified Text, Jimmy's Book*

Eleanor Roosevelt: Volume 1, 1884-1933 by Blanche Wiesen-Cook*

One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez*

Unidentified Text, Bus Passenger's Book*

Movies and Television:

The Graduate ⓡ (filming: final scene like bus scene)



Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory


Unidentified Text, Bus Passenger's Magazine*

Unidentified Text, Bus Passenger's Newspaper*

Here Comes the Son (3.21)

Random House Webster’s Handy Spanish Dictionary* more

Basic Writings of Nietzsche* more

The Annotated Alice by Lewis Carroll (ed. Martin Gardner)*

unidentified text - naked lunch?*

Naked Lunch: The Restored Text by William S. Burroughs

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis*

Unidentified Text, Rory's car book*

Global Woman: Nannies, Maids, and Sex Workers in the New Economy (ed. Barbara Ehrenreich and Arlie Russell Hochschild)*

California Bookstore*

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

Unidentified Text, Rory's Norton Anthology*

Unidentified Text, Lorelai's book*

Movies and Television:

The Wizard of Oz

Annie Hall


Pinocchio, Those Are Strings (3.22)

A Confederacy of Dunces

Absalom, Absalom!

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

Eudora Welty Essays CHECK book or Essays

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

Moby Dick by Herman Melville

Swann's Way by Marcel Proust


Movies and Television:

Pinnochio ⓡ

The Money Pit


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